Chemical Analyzers

Four instruments are available for elemental and molecular chemical analysis:

• Bruker S4 Sequential Spectrometer – This instrument is a wavelength dispersive X-ray spectrometer capable of analyzing Na thru U with high precision and accuracy. Robotic loading of samples permits high thruput of bulk samples.

• Zeiss Σigma FESEM – An energy dispersive X-ray detector permits chemical analysis of individual regions or particles within an object. Use of low accelerating voltages reduces the beam penetration and limits the region of analysis.

• Spectro iQ II Spectrometer – An energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer for analyzing elements between Na and U in bulk samples. Limited to single samples.

• Perkin Elmer Paragon 1000 FTIR Spectrometer
– Molecular species are identified with a Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer in either transmission or reflectance mode An ATR attachment is available for examining bulk samples or liquids in reflection.