Powder Diffractometers

  • Bruker D4 – High speed diffractometer with robotic sample changer for high sample throughput. This unit is well suited for phase identification, quantification, percent crystallinity, particle size analysis, residual stress analysis & retained Austenite analysis.
  • Panalytical X’Pert MRD Pro – Utilizing the Panalytical Prefix concept, this unit has numerous options ranging from a setup for powder analysis to setups for thin film epitaxial analysis. The unit is equipped with a Eulerian cradle with six degrees of freedom that is ideal for high resolution rocking curves and glancing angle diffraction.
  • Panalytical X’Pert MPD Pro – Equipped with a high speed detector and robotic sample changer, this unit is ideal for high throughput of powder samples. It also has options for handling odd shaped samples.

Types of tests that can be performed with this equipment are phase identification and quantification, percent crystallinity, residual stress, retained austenite, domain size, rocking curves, reciprocal space maps, preferred orientation, pole figures, misfit strains of epitaxial films, lattice parameters, interfacial roughness, reflectivity, multilayer analysis and polymorph identification.