Single Crystal Diffractometers

Two single crystal diffractometers are available for small molecule structure solution:

    • Bruker Smart X2S – A fully automated single crystal diffractometer that loads and centers the sample without operator intervention. Crystal quality is assessed automatically before data collection begins and the structure solution is achieved thru Patterson, Direct, and Dual-Space methods. Provides cost-effective analysis with rapid turn around.


    • Bruker Apex II – A top of the line diffractometer for sealed tube crystallography. The instrument combines the high versatility of the four circle kappa goniometer with the very sensitive APEX II detector and is therefore one of the best instruments for structure determination. The instrument is equipped with the Oxford 700 series Cryostream unit, which allows fast cooling to 100K. This equipment is well suited to handle organic, organometallic and inorganic compounds and to perform structural determinations on chiral compounds, including chiral organics.