Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) Services

H&M utilizes two different types of Scanning Electron Microscopes, both equipped with Energy Dispersive Spectrometers (EDS) for chemical analysis. A fully equipped state-of-the-art Field Emission SEM (FESEM) permits us to tackle the most challenging material problems while a conventional SEM permits us to offer a lower cost alternative for more routine work.

Among the many features are:

  • Backscattered and Secondary imaging
  • Elemental mapping
  • Semi-quantitative chemical analysis
  • In-lens SE detection for true surface imaging
  • Low voltage operation for beam sensitive materials
  • Large samples up to 250 mm diameter & 145 mm tall
  • 1.3 nm resolution @ 20kV
  • Digital imaging (3072 x 2304 pixels)

The SEM is an ideal tool for a wide range of applications:


  • Device or component failure analysis
  • Particle size, distribution and morphology
  • Corrosion products
  • Minerals & ores
  • Fracture analysis
  • Forensic