Thin Film Analysis

“Thin Film Analysis” actually refers to a group of X-ray diffraction methods that are used to analyze both epitaxial and polycrystalline thin films and their substrates. The primary use of such methods is in the study of semiconductor materials, although other materials can be analyzed also. Some of the techniques utilize low-resolution optics, while others require high-resolution optics to separate the closely spaced diffraction peaks often found in epitaxial or multilayer structures.

Among the types of tests that we can perform are:

  • Orientation of an epitaxial film
  • Grazing incidence scans for extremely thin poly-films
  • Phi scans to determine the number and types of variants
  • Residual stress analysis
  • Misfit strains and degree of relaxation
  • Reciprocal space mapping
  • Layer thickness, density, surface and interlayer roughness
  • Crystallite size and microstrain
  • Superlattice analysis
  • Pole figures