H&M Offers Material Analysis Expertise and Services

Welcome to H&M Analytical Services, Inc

Founded in 1997, H&M Analytical Services is a full-service X-ray diffraction and analysis testing lab which also provides a wide range of other testing and material characterization services.  Its professional staff has years of material science experience in X-Ray diffraction techniques, chemical analysis, particle size analysis, high resolution imaging and thermal analysis.  H&M is here to meet all of your analytical testing needs for reverse engineering, competitive analysis, R&D work, failure analysis and quality control testing.

H&M also provides materials science consultation as part of our service to the customer.  Our highly trained staff of PhD’s are here to assist in technical issues that arise in your process and provide solutions to suit your application.  We have provided analyses for many different fields including materials science, pharmaceuticals, corrosion, geology, metallurgy, mining & life sciences to name a few.  H&M also provides expert witness and litigation support services. We specialize in materials characterization and failure analysis that can help in patent filings, patent and intellectual property disputes and product liability, as well as forensic analysis. As one of the best litigation support service companies, we have worked with both defendant and plaintiff attorneys.

For whatever your company’s requirements, H&M Analytical Services is here to help by utilizing state of the art equipment as well as our combined experience to solve your most challenging problems.  Our lab is cGMP compliant and FDA registered/inspected providing another quality check for your pharmaceutical and other products.  H&M provides detailed reports on customer samples and provides correct analysis promptly without effecting quality.