Payment Options

Standard Paper Check Method

If this is your chosen method, your company pays by paper check, drawn on a US bank, consistent with the Terms set forth on the Invoice. We require Purchase Orders for services that will be paid by this method.

ACH / EFT Direct Deposit Method

Please let us know if your company offers this payment option and provide us the required form to establish
this payment method. As with a paper check, we require Purchase Orders for services that will be paid by this method.

Credit Card Method

If you choose this way, you will need to fill out our Credit Card Information Form (PDF file).


to view, fill-in, and print the form.

(Click image above to download and install this FREE software!)


(Use the PRINT function in the Reader application or the PRINT button on the form.)
Fill in the required information per the form’s instructions, and fax back to H&M.
In order to assure the greatest measure of privacy and security, H&M is not asking customers to pass this information over the Internet.
We will charge your credit card immediately upon the transmission of the analytical report (fax, US mail, or e-mail).
An Invoice will be rendered, but will be annotated “Paid by Credit Card”.

Wire Transfer Method

Typically, this method is only used by international customers who do not have a United States bank “presence”. If this is your chosen method, please indicate the choice on your Purchase Order. H&M will contact you with required information to complete the transfer. Upon completion of the work, an Invoice will be rendered. Your company pays by initiating the wire transfer at your bank or other financial institution. There is also a USD $30 handling fee that will be included on the invoice if wire transfer payment is selected.