About Us

H&M Analytical Services, Inc was started in 1997 as a private full-service X-ray diffraction and analysis testing lab providing a wide range of material characterization services.   Our XRD lab can handle the highest throughput of any independent lab in the country while still maintaining the highest quality and practices that have made H&M one of the leaders in X-ray Diffraction analysis.  Since opening, we have added to our services portfolio to provide testing in high resolution imaging, particle size analysis, thermal analysis and chemical analysis.

Quality and Customer Satisfaction

H&M maintains and abides to a stringent quality program for all of our employees for the sole purpose of maintaining superior customer satisfaction while providing the highest levels of testing and results.  To that end, our Ph.D. scientists remain up-to-date with the most sophisticated instrumentation, methods, and technical innovations for all of the services that we provide.   They have impeccable academic credentials as well as extensive industrial related experience in the areas of analytical testing.  Our scientists strive to provide concise reports which include the relevant data as well as a detailed explanation of the analysis.  Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us and we are happy to review any results of our analysis with the customer.  The scientists at H&M are available to speak with potential clients about any custom testing needs and can provide unique methods to perform these tests to meet your requirements.

Quality Statement: H&M is committed to producing the best quality analyses of sample materials provided by the customer.  We ensure that all of the equipment is calibrated and tested against known standards before performing any analysis.  Our entire staff takes great pride and measures to ensure the purity of the samples during preparation and testing.  H&M Analytical Services strives for quick and concise reports that answers all of your analytical needs.

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cGMP Compliant:  This certification stands for the Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) which is enforced by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  These regulations are in existence to ensure the quality and safety of pharmaceutical drugs .  All parts of the manufacturing process require cGMP compliance, including the testing of the drugs and assurance of data integrity provided by analytical testing laboratories, which includes H&M.

FDA Registered/Inspected Site:   Inspectors regularly ensures that all parts of the manufacturing process and quality control meets the requirements set forth by the FDA.  As a cGMP compliant lab, H&M Analytical Services is registered with and has been inspected by the FDA with no findings.

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